Frequently Asked Questions

Here at North Central Door, garage doors are what we know. We’re always ready to address any questions or concerns you may have – just ask! Contact us at (800) 677-8431 or browse our FAQ’s below.

There is no question that steel doors have many advantages over wood doors. They require less maintenance, never rot or warp, and allow for thicker insulating materials for higher “R” (thermal-resistance) value.

A door’s R-value measures its ability to insulate your garage from outside temperatures.The thickness and type of insulating material contribute to its R-value. North Central Door offers a variety of insulating options to meet every home or business need.

It will certainly reduce the amount of heat or cold that enters your enclosure. This is more important if your garage has a workshop, or is located beside or below another room in your home. Thermal doors are also normally quieter than non-thermal doors, and feature a more attractive interior.

Not at all. We offer over 200 door options, and can customize when necessary to meet your needs.

We have a variety of innovative options to address low headroom situations. Consult your North Central Door dealer for details.

Ultimately, the choice is yours. Keep in mind that qualified installers can greatly reduce installation time, plus guarantee safe and lasting operation. Because the modern garage door combines high-tech features with large moving sections, correct installation is essential, for safety and warranty issues as well.

Most dealers will take the responsibility of disposing of your old door. Check with your dealer for details.

Most electric openers act as self-locking devices, preventing the door from being opened manually by intruders.

Steel doors are designed to be remarkably maintenance-free. Light lubrication of rollers and hinges can be done once a year. Your door can also be washed when needed with a mixture of mild detergent (no bleach, please) and water.

That’s where we come in. We at North Central Door, along with our professional dealer network, are here to ensure that the purchase you make brings daily satisfaction for years to come. Call us today, or contact the closest dealer to you.

Garage Door Safety

A North Central Door garage door is an achievement of state-of-the-art technology and design, offering a variety of safety features to protect family and property. At the same time, a healthy knowledge of how your door functions can ensure years of safe and accident-free operation.

It’s easy to forget that a garage door is probably the largest and heaviest moving item in your home. Because it operates electronically and efficiently, we don’t always realize how powerful a device it is. Some simple common-sense rules for your family members will go far in protecting them from potential injury.

  1. Never let your children play near a moving garage door. Running beneath a closing door as a challenge is especially dangerous. Although many doors are equipped with photo eye or edge sensor signals that will reverse a closing door when tripped, the danger for injury still exists.
  2. Teach your children to respect and stay clear of ALL moving parts on your door and its operating system. Explain that these parts should NEVER be touched at any time, whether the door is moving or not.
  3. Never allow your child to play with the door’s remote control. Remote controls should remain out of reach of toddlers and young children.
  4. Be sure that your push-button wall control is mounted well out of reach of young fingers, preferably 60 inches or more from the floor.
  5. Test your system often to ensure that the door’s auto-reverse mechanism and force settings are properly adjusted. Consult your owner’s manual for details.
  6. When operating your door, keep it in sight until it completely opens or closes. Always be aware of people or items around the door area.